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In diesem Bereich findest du alle ausgeschriebenen Jobs und Projekte. Egal ob es sich um das Designen einer Webseite, die Programmierung einer Datenbank oder ein Fotoshooting handelt - hier finden Freelancer garantiert das passende Projekt.


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We require 1 (one) experienced WebDeveloper/Designer to work on-site, in a large technical project environment for a multinational organisation based in Bonn, Germany for 2 months, starting ASAP (realistic start ~ 28 June 2010).

Location of work: at client premises in Bonn.

Our clients web site is hosted atop a Zope 2.9 application server.
The primary task of this server is to deliver business process automation for processes defined.
The web site provides mandated transparency of those processes to the public and the means of participation for restricted audiences. Web pages are created using ZPT templates and bound into a navigation structure that follows the logical structure of the application container. Zope 2 has limited built-in CMS functionality that is currently sufficient for the web site to run.

The task
The current structure of the web site has grown organically together with the mechanism. It is not intuitive unless the user has a very good understanding of the client and its governance structures. Some sections of the web site have been abandoned and their content may be outdated and misleading. Same is true about static content/captions of dynamic pages where static parts of content may contradict up-to-date dynamic data on the same page. The purpose of the revamp is to have a fresh look at the content and bring it in sync with the current state of the mechanism, improve the structure to provide entry points to users with different level of understanding of the mechanism, reduce the path to the most popular pages and improve the usability, cohesiveness and overall look of the pages.
Wir suchen
Curriculum vitae shall illustrate the specific skills relevant to this proposal. The applicants attention is drawn to the important role that the curriculum vitae plays in thee valuation.

We would like to receive CVs of suitable candidates together with pricing quotations, based on a daily net rate including travel costs for the services described.

Applicants must have an EU passport or a work permit for Germany.

Offers will be evaluated against the following two criteria:
- Qualifications, experience and availability of the key person(s);
- Price.
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