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Syrinx - Twitter Client

Syrinx is a fully customizable twitter client designed for Leopard (OS X 10.5+). Syrinx is built from two ideals: efficient workflow and customization.

The Bookmark
Finally, a better way to keep track of your unread tweets. Just like a book, the bookmark indicates that you"ve read everything before it, and everything after is still unread. When new tweets arrive, they"ll be colored according the customizable bookmark color, a sound will play and the number of bookmarked tweets is badged on the dock icon.

Timeline Search
Syrinx brings the ability to search the tweets in your timeline, especially useful when looking for a specific tweet, or seeing if your name came up in conversation.

Twitter Search
The ability to search all of Twitter is integrated right into the client. Open a new search window, search for a term and receive a timeline of those search results. Every few minutes Syrinx will search for new results and add them to the search result window. Have as many search windows as you want.

Sometimes we all need to work interruption free. Put Twitter on pause and updates will still be downloaded in the background, but Syrinx won"t display them or alert you until you Resume.

Growl Integration
Use Growl notifications to stay caught up on your tweets without switching applications. Click a Growl notification to book that tweet, or use it to switch to Syrinx.

Keyboard Controls
If your fingers never leave the keyboard, that"s fine with Syrinx. Use spacebar to advance the bookmark one tweet at a time, and hit return to reply to the currently selected tweet. All the popular actions are bound to the keyboard.

The friends window gives you a chance to browse all the folks you are following. Reply or direct message any of them, see their user information or visit their website. The friends window also allows you to remove old friends and add new ones, all from within Syrinx.

View conversations right in Syrinx. Unrelated tweets are filtered out and only those in the desired thread are displayed. Following a conversation has never been this easy.

Enter keywords or usernames you want Syrinx to filter out and those tweets will not be shown in your timeline, and optionally, not in your search results either.