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Zum Thema: 3D-Trends
Alt 17.07.2017, 16:24
Alvin Hensel

Can I create a 2D drawing with sweet home 3D? jar version
Just looking from top down, so the symbols look basically like this:

what I get now is the space area carved out instead of a representative 2D outline of the toilet, vanity, etc, there's a picture of it inside the area taken up by the object

it can render it in 3D as well thats great but for now just need the top down outline picture

Do I need to import some type of 2D library? that just doesn't come with the default sweethome jar version.

Can't get the installed program version working due to the driver issue and for all the posts I'm not finding a clear solution to what new drivers I may need

Thank You!!!

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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