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Zum Thema: 3D-Trends
Alt 12.10.2017, 16:30

I am looking for people who have printed the vertex magazines out. There are 2 editions to date and I would like to print both of them, until the end of the month has a 30-something % off your order and I spoke with the facebook page (art by papercut) and he said he had heard of people using blurb before, but he doesn't have their contact information. now the magazine option [on] takes the 8.5x11 pdf but only supports 240 pages, they also don't show an option for front and back. even if i select 150 pages and then try to upload it, it says my pdf contains 300 pages. Then when i try to go to the book option they only have 8x10 which wont work.

Now I am a noob to all forum life and am terrible at searching for anything, so this may already be a thread. But I am specifically looking for a higher quality print than going to staples and having them whole punch or wring bind it, This isn't just a magazine it is a resource and I would like to have a tangible copy to have a disconnect from my computer when reading or referencing it.

please help!
thank you!

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